Office Transporting

Our company, which is an expert in domestic and International House-to-House Transportation, has proven itself with its work in office transportation.

Systematic work Çamoğlu is a regulatory element when providing home and office transportation services for International House-to-House Transportation, ensuring that the work is done on time and correctly.

With professional office transportation methods, your contemporary work spaces are transported without losing your job. It is our principle to take care of the privacy and protection of private information of the people and organizations with whom we provide office transport services.

Today, the office is based on an innovative understanding, shaped around technological requirements. Companies that constantly improve the quality of service by using developing technology also expect quality service from the companies they work with. In order to meet the expectations of the consumer, Çamoğlu Nakliyat has developed an office transportation system in European standards.

The house-to-House Office-to-office transportation system, which aims to introduce office tools and accessories to its employees closely, also brings innovations and provides great convenience to packaging, transportation, Assembly and disassembly work. Continuity of education is important for us to respond to the development of office technology with new packaging and transportation methods.

We work with the understanding of responding to the relocation requests of our customers ' offices in the shortest time and in the most accurate way. We offer our house-to-House Office-to-office transportation services on time and in the conditions we promise; we treat our customers with respect.


A detailed list of items is made by determining the items before the Office transport process is performed. (expertise). This service is made free of charge.

A relocation program is made in accordance with the evaluation report. Within the framework of the office transportation program;

All desks, closets, and locations in the newly moved Office are numbered. Installation work is done in accordance with this numbering, thus preventing the clutter of placement in the new office.

All files and folders are packed. Packed file folder Documents v.b. items such as are encoded according to which room they were taken from, in the new place where they will go, parcels are placed in the rooms according to these code numbers.

All necessary measures are taken to ensure that the furniture is not damaged during transportation, the furniture is disassembled and packaged to the best standards.

Your office items are placed in your new office by our employees according to the department and code number as you want. And are assembled.

Computer and electronic items are packed separately.

Large power supply in your office, special items such as money safes are again carried by our expert staff