Piano Transporting

Piano is one of the most valuable and rarely seen goods that is not present at all of the houses due to its high cost. The piano requires more diligence and care compared to the normal households and we see the statements about piano transportation in the advertisements of nearly all of the transportation companies. Most of them use these phrases just for formality but when it comes to application, they understand that this work is not easy and they cannot manage the work properly. Or they try to carry the piano without knowing the technique for this. And this way causes the cast chassis breaks, wire breaks, even resonance wood cracks, leave the furniture damage aside. In order to overcome these serious problems, our firm, serving at the international standards presents this service with its expert and experienced staff using special handling materials and presenting this service to the customers with care.

The piano is one of the music instruments not only important in material terms but also in spiritual terms. It a heavy instrument and it is very sensitive. Even a minor scratch, crack or such events during transportation may cause material and spiritual losses.

Our firm, Çamoğlu Uluslar arası Nakliyat is conscious about this issue and knows that the most important factor is care, experience and trust in piano transportation with expert staff.