International Transporting

Our firm Çamoğlu Uluslar arası Nakliyat presents the International Door to Door transportation services at the highest level with the C3 Authorization Certificate and CEMT certificate permitting for international travelling in addition to the K3 authorization certificate for domestic household transportation and storage. In the transportation of the personal belongings internationally, we present appropriately priced services for transportation from Turkey to the countries with sea ports for all the personnel of the foreign affairs, military attaché, consulate staff, bank officers, citizens returning to Turkey, citizens working abroad but desiring send the excess of the goods to Turkey. An important principle of our firm is being honest and transparent to the customer. For this reason, we    pack your goods at the European standards and label all of the units. We prepare a check list and drive the container, lorry in front of your house. We stuff the goods to the lorry in your presence and you can measure the volume of the goods in m3 with our staff. You tell us how many m3 the volume is. Our firm presents partial (grouping) service to Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Sweden and the other European countries every week during the summer months and every 2 months during the winter months. Although we do not have partial service to Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine every time we can present the service to the countries on the road. Our small sized vehicles are used continuously for the goods of our customers depending on the volume of the goods at the time of the transportation. All the Asian and Middle East countries (Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Cyprus) are served as complete during the summer months. The countries with ports such as Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South Africa, America, South America, Canada, India are served by sea and your goods are delivered to the harbor or address. Depending on the volume of the goods and destination, the most appropriate pricing is applied considering the air, road, sea and railway options. Our firm  Çamoğlu Uluslar arası Nakliyat makes partial transportation from 10 cubic meters to 60 cubic meters from many countrieson the route between Turkey and the Netherlands (France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden). The loads more than 60 cubic meters are assigned a separate vehicle. In case a separate vehicle is given, the loading is done at the date desired by the customer. In this case, following the clearances, Bulgaria and Greece deliveries are done within 1 day, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Macedonia, Georgia deliveries are done within 2 days, Hungary, Bosnia Herzegovina, Slovenia, Italy and Azerbaijan deliveries are done in 3 days, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Germany deliveries are done in 4 days, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain are in 6 days, Sweden, Norway, England, Estonia, Finland, Moscow, Latvia are in 7 days. The goods will be delivered as taken from you without any defects. Do not make up your mind about transportation before calling us wherever you are in the world.